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Having an HIV Test – TEMNE


Kagbasi an Mem Nya HIV

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The TEMNE ‘Having an HIV Test’ DVD lesson is one of several on the subject of HIV/AIDS in the Thare Machi Education collection.

HIV is a very serious incurable disease; this DVD teaches the importance of getting tested to prevent the spread of it.
HIV tests are very simple and require only a blood or a saliva sample. The viewer is taught how easily HIV can be passed on, especially during the first few stages of the illness, before it has been detected.
The DVD advises the viewer to get tested at their local health clinic, as well as what to do if they find out they are HIV positive.
If a person is HIV positive, they are taught how to take necessary precautions to stop the spread of HIV, as well as the importance of getting the medical help they need.
This DVD is part of a series of lessons on HIV/AIDS in Temne.

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