So far, 12,300 Rwandan healthcare workers have received training from our DVDs
and between 2014-2017, 1.2 million Rwandans viewed our DVDs.
That's one tenth of the Rwandan population!

Our Impact

Why TME exists

Communities don’t have access to basic information about diseases that affect them, such as HIV & Malaria.
Poor health impacts their ability to work to support their families.
Healthcare can become overburdened.

Who we support

The most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in the world whatever their language, level of education or means.

How we support

We create interactive and audio-visual lessons about some of the Word’s biggest health & life threats, recorded in local languages.
Equipped with the key facts, communities gain control over their own health and protection from threats to their lives.

Our Outcomes

Scaleable Impact

5 million people reached per year
Working in 60+ countries wordwide
More than 179,000 DVDs distributed (as of December 2018)

Cost-effective delivery

Less than 2 pence per person per viewing
Each £3.50 DVD reaches 200 people
DVDs can be watched again and again
Online versions can be viewed free (subject to internet)

Changed Lives

Our lessons save 1,000’s of lives per year
For example:

15% reduction in human trafficking (Cambodia, Siem Reap)
45% reduction in Dengue fever (Trichy District, India)
26% reduction in parasitic infections (Gicumbu, Rwanda)

Changed Behaviour

Communities are empowered to sustain changes

Improved health outcomes
Economic growth
Improved education

Our USPs

Interactive DVDs
Online lessons & supporting materials
Consistency of high-quality content
Cost-effective delivery of learning
Community led

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