"I am impressed with the work you have initiated and the support you have been giving to humanity. Be encouraged in your endeavours to enhance the quality of life to others."
Nelson Mandela

News about Thare Machi Education and partners

On Saturday 14th September TME held a fashion show to raise funds to support vulnerable people in disadvantaged communities in Nigeria.

Thanks to all our supporters who made the evening a great one and helped raise the total sum of £1,800 (and counting).
Your generosity means we will be able to get our lessons to vulnerable people in the most disadvantaged communities in Nigeria and make a positive impact on their lives.

Ayesha Dikko (TME)

Patron Nina Wadia talks passionately about Thare Machi Education

Television star, Nina Wadia, became involved with TME 17 years ago, recording the first English soundtracks for our DVD lessons about how to avoid getting infected with HIV. Nina told us how she was in the cast of the BBC sketch show Goodness Gracious Me, when our founder, Helen Taylor Thompson, initially approached her with the idea for the charity:

“She [Helen] said ‘I want to create a charity that’s going to help people that don’t have access to education’. And she said the best way to get education out into the community is just tell the mothers in the community, which I think is true.
You tell the mothers something, the whole world knows it! And it’s really important, it’s a very healthy way to get the right information out there…

What impressed me then and the reason I later became a patron was the energy and commitment of the team, to get simple lessons for safer living to some of the world’s poorest people in their own language and also that so much is achieved without money changing hands. Because for me, you do something pure then you’re in the money.

There are no fat cats in Thare Machi just a lean, mean global network of social entrepreneurs chipping in their skills and abilities to help people living on the margins.

Crucially, they have targeted women in their attempts to give people the knowledge that they need to live longer, healthier lives.
Some of the simplest pieces of information can have a dramatic effect and it is known that educating a woman is one of the most effective ways of improving the lives of the poor. It puts knowledge at the heart of family.
Where I come from, it can cascade down then through the community. It is more effective then than even installing wells or clinics. And this is desperately needed by the poorest women all over the world…

As a result of today, even more communities [in Nigeria] will benefit from these life-changing lessons…

The impact that these lessons have on individuals, on whole communities, is clear to see and it’s immense. I am delighted to again commend this work to you, to thank you for helping even more communities benefit from that impact…

I hope to inspire and encourage you to please, please get involved and support Thare Machi Education in whatever way that you can.”

Thanks so much to the following for making the event a success..

Place of Craftsmen
Rosemary Kalu, our main sponsor, for her beautiful collection of kaftans and amazing yummy cakes.
Bloom + Grace
For the gorgeous ethically sourced jewellery.
Tanya C
For her captivating spoken word poetry.
Printing & Mailing for the flyers.
Ikoyi Restaurant for the voucher.
Enish Restaurant, Nomie’s and Gina for the scrumptious food.
VDJ Chimex for the amazing music.
Cobra Foundation for the voucher and drinks.
Can Mezzanine
for the venue.


Special Thanks

Our special thanks go to our generous host on the day, ‘Aunty Funmi-Alaga’ and to our patron Nina Wadia and to Jyotsna Chandrani for their continuous support in making sure TME achieves its goal of getting health information to the world’s most disadvantaged in the language they understand.

It doesn’t stop here!
With your help we can do more.

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