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On the 22nd of September 2018, the UN reported a deadly cholera outbreak in north-eastern Nigeria. 3000 cases were recorded, and the outbreak claimed the lives of nearly 100 in the Yobe and Borno states, many of whom were internally displaced people.

Cholera is a disease spread by contaminated food and drinking water. It can cause severe diarrhoea and vomiting, with the elderly, young and sick most at risk. Cholera can spread very quickly among communities, especially in internally displaced people and refugee camps, and it can be deadly if left untreated. The effect of cholera in north-eastern Nigeria is all the more devastating due to the insurgency led by Boko Haram, which is preventing healthcare access and displacing large numbers of people.

Quick Response

Thare Machi Education works with local partners to respond to health crises around the world, and sends out basic health information that helps to stabilise the spread of dangerous diseases.
We had already developed a lesson on cholera, which explains in simple language how to identify cholera, how to prevent its spread, and how to treat it.
However our Cholera DVD needed to be translated into Hausa, the language used in Yobe and Borno states in Northern Nigeria, so that all of the key facts would be properly understood by the women and children who would watch it.
It was a race against time for the TME team to translate, record and edit the Hausa lesson and send it to Nigeria before the cholera outbreak claimed any more lives. The team of translators, coordinators and authors worked diligently to produce the translated DVD in just 5 days!
Thanks to their rapid response, it was possible to send the life-saving Cholera lesson to our partners in Nigeria, to help control the outbreak and save lives.

Cholera DVD

Our Cholera DVD:

SDG DVD: Cholera

  • Teaches the causes of cholera and how to treat it, as well as advice on how to prevent it.
  • Teaches the symptoms of the illness such as diarrhoea and dehydration so they can identify it as quickly as possible and get the medical help that they need.
  • The DVD is part of a series of lessons on Health.

The Cholera DVD lesson is now available in 26 languages

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