"I am impressed with the work you have initiated and the support you have been giving to humanity. Be encouraged in your endeavours to enhance the quality of life to others."
Nelson Mandela

News about Thare Machi Education and partners

Today we have released 6 new DVD lessons covering topics relating to healthy environment, pregnancy and maternal health care, HIV/AIDS and Ebola.

The following titles have been released in Krio

In the HIV/Aids  section

Caring for Someone with Aids Caring for Someone with Aids – Aw for Hep Posin wae geh Aids
This DVD lessons focuses on the role of friends and families of AIDS sufferers and teaches them how to support and care for their loved one.

In the Healthy Environment section

Beware Beware of Landmines – Take Tem With Landmines
This DVD teaches the dangers of landmines and how they can cause serious injury and often death.

Making Making Compost – How for make dorty box
This DVD teaches the viewer how to make compost to provide a natural fertiliser to help their crops grow better.

Planting Planting Trees is Good – For Plant Tik e Gud!
This DVD lesson teaches why trees are useful and how to plant trees to ensure a community does not run out of trees in the future.

In the Mother and Baby section

TBA TBA Skills Pregnancy – TBA Skil Insai Bele Uman Bisnes
This DVD is aimed at traditional birth attendants and teaches them how they can help a mother through pregnancy to ensure a healthy birth.

This brings the total DVD lessons available in Krio to 14

The following title has been released in Kirundi

In the Health section

Avoiding Avoiding Ebola
This DVD lesson in Kirundi teaches what Ebola is, how it can be caught and how to protect yourself and others from catching the virus.

This brings the total DVD lessons available in Kirundi to 28

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