So far, 12,300 Rwandan healthcare workers have received training from our DVDs
and between 2014-2017, 1.2 million Rwandans viewed our DVDs.
That's one tenth of the Rwandan population!


Volunteer with TME and join our team of Global Associates!

TME’s unique approach to volunteering works through a system of ‘associates’, building a team of high calibre volunteers who are integral to the organisation.

An associate is really a ‘super-volunteer’! Someone who is dedicated to TME’s aims, able to work under minimal  supervision and contribute their own expertise to our work.

Unlike the typical ‘volunteer’, associates are largely self-directed, using their own skills to greatest effect rather than being prescribed and limited to specific tasks. While some work in our office, many also work from their own home or office and around their schedule, we hope enabling more people to get involved.

The scope of TME associates and the range of skills that they bring to the organisation is crucial in achieving the global impact we are working towards.


Thare Machi aim to build partnerships with grass-roots organisations all over the world. However, this cannot be achieved by our small team of staff without considerable time and expense. This is where our associates come in…many of our associates have a pre-existing interest and knowledge of a certain part of the world, even links with organisations there. They may secretly want an excuse to revisit old haunts, see old friends. Carefully selected associates who have an interest and experience in travel overseas can help to distribute disks, build and manage partnerships.


We have had a number of associates over the years with experience of finance and accounting. Bringing their financial expertise to the table, associates could help us with day-to-day management of our accounts as well as with wider budgeting and planning proposals.

 Translations/Disc Content

We currently have 500 discs. 28 lessons and working in 51 languages. We are always looking to expand our range of lessons and languages and associates are an essential part of this process. You could help to write material and refine content for one of our lessons, translate one of our scripts into another language, or record the audio for one of our lessons in another language. Take a look at the ‘Translate a script’ page.

 DVD recording and authoring

Calling all techies! TME has developed a system of DVD production that can all be completed ‘in house’. Formatting the DVDs to include the audio of another language is a skill that can be easily learnt and many of our associates have become a bit nifty at this.

 Design and Publicity

We have worked with associates who have developed TME’s marketing and publicity materials, from designing our new logo to building and updating our website, there are numerous ways that associates with publicity expertise can contribute.

These are just some examples of the ways that our associates have contributed hugely to TME’s work. But this is by no means exhaustive! If you have skills or experience which you feel might benefit TME and time to contribute, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

Some Shining Examples:

REYNOLD PETERSON, Ren is a retired builder from Bognor Regis who has been part of the team since being part of the launch party in India in 2002. Since then he has accompanied both Steve and Bev on trips to South Africa – most recently in December 2007 to launch the multi-language HIV disc there.

JYOTSNA CHANDRANI works for UBS in London having met us during her studies at Warwick University. Jyotsna‘s family are originally from India and have a tea plantation in Assam. The whole family has been involved in obtaining translations into the Bengali and Assamese languages and Jyotsna has represented us at meetings in London. In addition the Chandranis are driving the idea of creating an Indian branch of tme in order to raise money tax effectively in India.

CAROLINE PACK works at Oxford University, and previously worked at Warwick in the International Students Office. She funded herself to go to South Africa in 2007 to visit tme projects and obtain new recordings. Caroline has often put us in touch with potential new Associates and partner groups through her University contacts and she also ran the Great North Run in 2007 donating half the sponsorship money to TME.

Get in touch!

Let us know if you have any ideas of your own or come and chat to us about how best your skills might be applied


Associates are people who have made a significant contribution to TME, have done something useful towards our work! This need not be a long-term or regular time commitment. Many of our associates have completed a significant one-off project, but this commitment is just as valued!


Once you have contributed to TME’s work, you will be invited to become an associate of TME. This will be approved by the trustees, showing that you are an integral part of our team.

Keep in touch!

Even if our associates are ‘dormant’, we like to keep everyone updated on our progress and future plans. There are always new ways to get involved so you can feel like an active and integral part of the team. You will also get the chance to meet others from TME’s fascinating and eclectic gang of associates at our yearly celebration event!

Feel free to get in touch by email at or give us a call on 01926 422711 if you have any further questions or would like to get involved.

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