So far, 12,300 Rwandan healthcare workers have received training from our DVDs
and between 2014-2017, 1.2 million Rwandans viewed our DVDs.
That's one tenth of the Rwandan population!



Here are some ideas how you could fundraise to help the work of Thare Machi Education:

  • Non Uniform Day – Give a donation to attend school / college in your own clothes
  • Fancy Dress – Pay to come to work in fancy dress
  • Guess the Baby competition – photos of the staff / colleagues as babies
  • Fashion Show
  • Concert / Play / Musical Evening.
  • Trivia Quiz – Pop / Sport / General Knowledge / etc.
  • Fete – there are many opportunities to raise money at a fete, among them cake sales and promise auctions.
  • Car Boot Sale – transform your own back garden into a charity shop, you’ll be surprised by what
  • Sponsored activity:
    • Silence
    • Haircut
    • Hike
  • Games – Five / seven a side football / rugby / hockey / etc


So you’ve chosen your event and are raring to go – what now? 

  • WHO can you co-opt into helping you? Get friends and colleagues together to brainstorm – the more people working on the project, the more fun it is and the more the workload is shared. Also are there any local celebrities who could come and raise the profile of the event? Could you get company sponsorship by offering to promote a company as part of the fundraiser?
  • WHERE is it going to be? If it requires a venue, how much will it cost to rent it out, and when does it need to be booked by?
  • WHEN will it be?
  • WHAT a) is your target? (it helps to inspire people by having a specific fundraising goal) and b) resources will you need?


The laws of probability suggest that the more people who know about your fundraiser the more you will raise. There are several ways in which to go about clueing people in:

  • On your own:
    • At work, using notice boards, asking for it to be mentioned in announcements, and getting colleagues to spread the word
    • Outside work, leaflets in letterboxes and notices in public places in the local community (shop windows etc)
  • Through the media:
    The media 
    is a valuable resource for spreading the word and they’re often looking for local events to cover. In the press release you send to them put:

    • What the event is
    • Who is involved
    • Why the event is taking place
    • When, where and what time
    • Contact name for further information

Photographs tend to grab the imagination more than anything, so think of a good photo that could be taken in relation to the event and you’ll create interest and may even end up with your face in the papers!

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