Thare Machi Education has produced Education Lessons in over 65 languages


    30 Educational Lessons in Khmer


    We have over 880 lessons available on DVD's


    Carrying a DVD player provided by TME to show DVD's in remote communities


    Children in India are happy when they get a question right!


    Health Workers watch an Educational DVD


    Our DVD's are interactive - children in India discuss a wrong answer!


    Over 30 Educational DVD's available in Spanish


    Children watch DVD's at the Amani Centre for Street Children


    Children getting ready to watch an educational DVD
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100 x 1000



We want to recruit 100 people willing to commit to raising £1,000
this year – and if possible for the following 2 years.

This is the “100 x 1000 Challenge”

Thare Machi Education has been running successfully for more than 10 years thanks to your support, but with recent political proposals, not to mention the economic climate, our cash flow is very uncertain and precarious.

We operate on the simple assumption that education saves lives and so we produce and distribute audio visual lessons on vital topics such as HIV, Malaria and TB in the languages of the world’s poor. We now have interactive audio visual lessons covering 31 topics and 55 languages – about 750 titles in all.

The lessons are used by local aid agencies, individuals, churches, hospitals and schools around the world often in small groups clustered around a screen but sometimes in larger numbers using data projectors and amplifiers. We aim to provide the life saving lessons for free.


Here is what some of the local partners have to say about our products: 

“…your innovative DVD lessons will greatly impact on my people and bring about attitudinal change that they seriously need. I wished I had known about your organization much earlier”.

Raphael Okun, Union Secondary School Ibom, Nigeria

“We love your material!!”
Poppy Spaens, South Sudan

“Very good programme to educate them”
Sister Leeza, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


The idea behind the 100 x 1000 Challenge is to secure the future so we can really build on the efforts so far… £1,000 may seem an unmanageable amount to raise but here are some suggestions:

Employer-supported Charity Departments – Sometimes these departments may match funding raised by you! These departments often have criteria which may change each year, so it is important to seek out the most current information.

Introducing TME to a Trustee  It’s all about networking! Do you have contacts who are trustees of grant-awarding trusts with a similar interest in education? There are thousands of charitable trusts that provide grants and the best way to reach them is through personal links. Many are willing to donate £1,000 to a cause that complements their objectives.

Holding a Sponsored Event  Raising funds can be great fun if you involve others. TME can help set up a webpage dedicated to your event to help you collect online donations. Click here to see an example.

Non-uniform Day at Your Local School – Many schools already have a day when students pay £1 each to come in without a uniform. One school in Leamington raises £1,500 each time they hold one. Can you approach your local school or ask a parent with a child at that school to approach the school head to donate their proceeds to TME?

Company “Dress-down Day”  Similarly, many companies and even councils have a dress-down Friday once a month where money collected is donated to charity. Could TME be a beneficiary?

eBay – Are there items collecting in your attic or garage which are too good to throw out? Care to sell them and help out a great cause? We can answer your questions about how to use this website as a charitable tool and even help you to set up an eBay account.

Syndicate –  Most people could raise £100 in a year if they tried. Could you find 9 others from your toddler group, evening class, church, mosque or social club to form a syndicate to raise £100 each?

For information on how to organise Gift Aid on the funds you raise, please click here.

If you think you can help then please email us at mail@tme.org.uk or call 01926 422711.

Registered Charity Number: 1080131
P. O. Box 4040
Leamington Spa
CV32 5YJ

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By Telephone:
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Thare Machi Education
P. O. Box 4040
Leamington Spa
CV32 5YJ

Our office is located in:
Althorpe Street,
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CV31 2AU

If you’re planning to visit us we’d love to see you but we ask that you contact us first because our office is not always staffed and so that we can give you directions.