So far, 12,300 Rwandan healthcare workers have received training from our DVDs
and between 2014-2017, 1.2 million Rwandans viewed our DVDs.
That's one tenth of the Rwandan population!

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TME’s unique approach to volunteering works through a system of ‘associates’. Associates form a network of high calibre volunteers, skilled and dedicated people who have made a significant contribution to our work. Unlike the typical ‘volunteer’ role, associates are largely self-directed; the process is collaborative not prescriptive and enable people to use and develop existing skills through their work with TME.

TME associates are at the very heart of the operation but have a greater flexibility of the hours they contribute and the place from which they work. While some of our associates work in the office, many work from their own base, we hope enabling more people to get involved. Working as a volunteer with TME need not be limited to students and retirees! The scope of TME associates and the range of skills that we collate is helping to facilitate the global impact that we are working towards.
Woop! But how can I get involved? How can I become an associate?

  • Get in touch! – Let us know if you have any ideas of your own (see also the list below) or come and chat to us and we’ll see where best you might contribute.
  • Contribute  Associates are people who have made a significant contribution to TME, done something useful towards our work! This need not be a long-term or regular time commitment. Many of our associates have completed a significant one-off project, but this commitment is just as valued!
  • Sign your life away – Once you have contributed to TME’s work, you will be invited to become an associate of TME. This will be approved by the trustees, showing that you are an integral part of our team.
  • Keep in touch!  Even if our associates are ‘dormant’, we like to keep everyone updated on our progress and future plans. There are always new ways to get involved so you can feel like an active and integral part of the team. You will also get the chance to meet others from TMEs fascinating and eclectic gang of associates at our yearly celebration event!
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