Order DVDs

Our vision is to provide accessible health education to disadvantaged communities around the world.

We request that organisations who would like to use our lessons cover the costs of the DVDs they order, which are £3.50 per disc.
This covers all lesson development, duplication, staff costs, materials and postage. Discounts are automatically applied when ordering larger quantities of DVDs, so that a full set of discs will cost no more than £64.

Your contribution will be treated as a donation towards TME’s core costs, and will enable us to provide subsidised lessons to other partners who cannot cover the costs.

In the event that you do not receive the discs you have requested from us, or they are faulty, please get in touch and we will do our best to send replacements or if appropriate, return your donated funds.

Donations from supporters and partners make it possible for us to offer DVDs to those who cannot afford to contribute, for example,

  • to grassroots organisations with no regular income
  • individuals looking to start up a project for the benefit of their community
  • partners working in emergency settings who need lessons quickly

If your organisation cannot afford to contribute, and would like to apply for free DVDs, please click here

In our work with businesses and companies, we run a lesson-matching scheme, where we ask for a bigger contribution in order to subsidise DVDs for vulnerable communities across the world. This is not yet available online – to find out more about lesson matching please email info@tme.org.uk

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