"I am impressed with the work you have initiated and the support you have been giving to humanity. Be encouraged in your endeavours to enhance the quality of life to others."
Nelson Mandela

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World Water Day, on the 22nd March, is an opportunity to think about our relationship with water, and how profoundly it affects all areas of our lives.
We need water to survive, but we need clean water to thrive; without safe water, we cannot break the cycle of poverty, and we cannot build a stable and prosperous world.
Access to safe water is a human right, supported by Sustainable Development Goal 6‘s promise of ‘water for all by 2013.’ But today, 1.8 billion people use a source of water contaminated by faeces, and unsafe water, poor sanitation and bad hygiene cause 844,000 deaths every year.

Safe Water

Thare Machi Education has several lessons to tackle death and disease due to unclean water, lessons which convey simple, accessible facts in local languages to help vulnerable families access safe water and protect themselves from waterborne diseases. Our Safe Water lesson highlights the importance of drinking clean water to prevent the spread of disease, and for beneficiaries who do not have access to water pumps or pipes, there is information on how to boil or purify their water, and how to store it safely. Our Basic Hygiene lesson also outlines the importance of toilet hygiene, not only in terms of washing hands to prevent disease, but also defecating in the right places, to avoid contamination of water sources. Our lessons on waterborne diseases, such as Diarrhoea and Cholera, help beneficiaries to understand how the diseases are spread and how to adopt safe water habits to protect themselves and their community.

Leaving No One Behind

The theme of this year’s World Water Day, ‘Leaving No One Behind’, underlines the fact that it is essential to reach everyone in the community to break the cycle of poverty.
TME’s lessons are printed on DVDs and watched on DVD players or laptops which can be charged with car batteries. This helps us to reach even the most remote communities, in countries around the world. By translating the lessons into local languages, we can get the information to absolutely everyone, especially disadvantaged women and girls. TME is committed to making sure that no one gets left behind when it comes to vital health information. The theme of this year’s World Water Day, ‘Leaving No One Behind’, underlines the fact that it is essential to reach everyone in the community to break the cycle of poverty.
You can read more about our work reaching vulnerable communities with life-saving health lessons here.

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