"I am impressed with the work you have initiated and the support you have been giving to humanity. Be encouraged in your endeavours to enhance the quality of life to others."
Nelson Mandela

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Love Sonia, a film by Indian director Tabrez Noorani, is the story of a courageous young Indian village girl, Sonia, whose life is irrevocably changed when she becomes entrapped in the dark world of the global sex trade whilst trying to save her sister.

With it’s UK release on the 25th of January, the film depicts the reality for the 270 women who are trafficked every single day in India, only 1% of whom are ever rescued. Inspired by a true story, the project is particularly notable because of Noorani’s collaboration with non-profit organisation CAST (Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Human Trafficking) in order to guarantee the accuracy of the graphic scenes shown in the film.

You are not for sale

Thare Machi Education has been tackling human trafficking since 2008, when we launched our human trafficking lesson in South Africa. The key message in the DVD is “YOU ARE NOT FOR SALE”. It raises awareness of the risk of trafficking, gives key information on what you can do if you suspect traffickers are operating in your area, such as what questions to ask, and also gives information on who you can call for more help and advice.

The lesson has been incredibly successful in communities all over the world, and in Cambodia, 80% of leaders reported an estimate of 15% decrease in child trafficking cases in the village after watching TME’s Human Trafficking lesson.
You can read more about our work on Human Trafficking here, and can order the lesson to use in your community here.

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