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TME Isle of Man is our sister organisation, and is a registered charity (number 1143) on the island. TME Isle of Man shares our aims and objectives, and is eligible to apply for grants from the Isle of Man Government for some of our shared projects.

Funding from the Isle of Man enabled the creation and distribution of our Avoiding Ebola lesson, which was used throughout the outbreak in West Africa, and is still being used today in other at-risk countries.

A research project in Rwanda was also funded by the Isle of Man, proving for the first time that the DVDs have a measurable impact on childhood diseases and will save lives. A full paper on the research is to be published as soon as possible.

We are currently part-way through a three year funded project that will see the expansion of our work in the Great Lakes region of Africa, (DRC, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda) with new lessons being created. In Rwanda, as follow up to the research project, our partner is working hard to provide training and DVDs to staff from every health centre in the country, which will in theory give the entire population of Rwanda access to our DVDs. We’re also following up on work in West Africa, in the aftermath of Ebola, giving people the information that they need to stay healthy in their own language, and seeking to add to the lessons available for Lesotho, one of the countries of special concern to the IDC.

We are also very proud to be part of One World Centre’s charity challenge, and we have links with most of the secondary schools on the Island, with work experience and lunch club teams working on the development of lessons.

TME Isle of Man Trustees are Steve Clarke, Paul McCall, Kathy Norman and Terry Van Rhyn and they can be contacted via:

The Secretary, 33 Douglas Street, Peel, Isle of Man, IM5 1BB
01624 843262

Registered Charity Number: 1080131
P. O. Box 4040
Leamington Spa
CV32 5YJ

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If you’re planning to visit us we’d love to see you but we ask that you contact us first because our office is not always staffed and so that we can give you directions.