Ebola outbreak response

English Avoiding Ebola

Hello there! We’re glad you’ve dropped by our website. The chances are you don’t know who we are or what we do… let me explain.

We create and distribute interactive educational DVDs and online lessons, free of charge, to remote places in their own local languages.

We currently have 32 lesson topics (an array of subjects, such as Basic Hygiene, Avoiding Malaria, Dangers of Smoking, HIV AIDS and When to Have a Baby) and are always expanding. Our most recent lesson was created in response to the Ebola crisis, and is titled Avoiding Ebola.

This lesson is available in two formats – our classic interactive DVD, or a new online viewable format, TMElite. Both have versions translated into English, French, Krio and Runyankole (Hausa and Yoruba on their way).

For DVDs: either order online here, or start a conversation with us.

For TMElite: browse our library here.

Or start watching the Krio lesson right away, here.

We made our Avoiding Ebola lesson in collaboration with our sister group, Thare Machi Education (Isle Of Man), who secured a grant from the Isle of Man International Development Committee for the project. We have been thrilled to provide the Chief Medical Officer for Sierra Leone with our resources, as well as receiving requests from other countries such as Uganda and Zimbabwe who, while not directly at risk, are worried and don’t know what they should do if Ebola should arrive in their area.

If you have any further questions please email mail@tme.org.uk or tweet to @tharemachi


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